NWB Sensors, Inc.

NWB Sensors, Inc.
Bozeman, Montana

Welcome to NWB Sensors Inc.  We are a remote sensing technology company located in beautiful Bozeman, MT. We specialize in Long Wave Infrared Red (LWIR) imaging technology, and remote weather stations.

NWB has built a variety of thermal camera systems. We have extensive knowledge of FLIR's camera cores (Path Finder, Photon, Tau, Tau2, Lepton), and can easily integrate these into detection systems. We provide full radiometric calibration for these cameras. Check out our Products page for more details.

Remote Weather Stations
NWB has 15 years of experience in deploying and operating remote weather stations with a focus on data quality. We can assist you in general meteorology data collection, hydrology data collection, agricultural data, and more. Contact us about your unique data collection needs.