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Thermal Imaging Products:

Camera System Design
- We offer specialized camera system design. We have designed system for building inspections, environmental monitoring, animal monitoring, and navigational systems. Tell us about your imaging needs.

Infrared Cloud Imagers - Do you need to know cloud cover information day and night? Or need to determine the optical depth of a cloud? Contact us for more details.

Motion Triggered LWIR Camera - (Game Camera) We build a rugged weatherized camera that can be programmed to take and store pictures when there is motion in the scene. This camera operates on 12V battery system, can be installed at a remote locations with a solar power system attached, and can be programmed to communicate with industry standard data loggers.

Radiometric Calibration - We offer a variety of radiometrically calibrated cameras based on the Flir LWIR Camera Cores (i.e. Photon and Tau), and calibration services of existing instruments.

Field Of View Mapping - Many applications require knowledge of a imagers per-pixel field of view, we can map out the per-pixel field of view for a wide variety of imaging systems.

Maintenance & Repair Services - We maintain and service the camera systems we have built. Many of these systems are located in harsh environments and require routine repairs. Also we recommend calibrating every year on systems that require radiometric calibrations.

FLIR Tau 2 interfaces - We have developed adapter boards for the TAu2 cameras that allow them to communicate with the Ethernet, USB3, and WIFI interfaces built by Pleora. If you need Ethernet, USB3, or WIFI communication to your Tau contact us.
Remote Weather Stations:

Automated Remote Data Collection Stations - We offer design and installation services for any remote sensing need. (Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology)

Automated Weather Station Maintenance - Over time sensors will drift out of calibration, and general environmental wear on equipment eventually will cause failure. We recommend annual servicing of weather station equipment. We will verify calibration of sensors, functionality of telemetry and logging equipment, and make minor repairs to the station infrastructure.

Telemetry Solutions- Satellite, Cellular, Line-Of-Sight


Atmospheric Modeling - Almost every imaging system either sits inside the atmosphere or looks through it. Understanding of your imaging system requires understanding this atmosphere. We have over 10 years experience modeling the atmosphere with MODTRAN. If you have a need to understand atmospheric effects on your imaging system we can help.

Camera System Modeling 
- We have experience in radiometric system design, noise and sensitivity analysis, and object detection algorithms. If you are designing an imaging system contact us, we can help.