About Us

NWB Sensors INC. was formed in January of 2009 to commercialize thermal camera calibration technology, since that start we have worked on many remote sensor applications including weather stations, wildlife thermal camera systems for monitoring of disease, airborne systems for commercial applications including search and rescue and stream monitoring.  The calibration technology was developed by Paul Nugent and others at the Optical Remote Sensor Lab at Montana State University.

NWB or N.W.B.?

Why "NWB" you may ask...

Many have speculated what NWB stands for over the years, and nobody rightfully knows. Apparently back in 2000 and something a few Nerds With Bolometer arrays were Needing Work in Bozeman. So, they decided to form their own corporation, and one evening while brain storming creative names over beers (because they were Never Without Beer) final chose the name NWB. Ultimately the Nerdy Weather Boys lacked creativity and settled on the sum of their initials.


Paul Nugent, PhD: Optical and Electrical Engineer

Paul got his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Montana State University. He has worked with thermal cameras since 2005, when he started research into calibrating a Flir Photon camera. This work has lead to calibration algorithms that can be used on most bolometer camera cores as well as other applications.

Austin Beard: Electrical Engineer

After graduating from Montana State University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Austin worked for the USGS maintaining and upgrading remote weather stations as part of the SNOTEL network. This experience has led to extensive knowledge of remote weather stations, their maintenance, and how to properly install a site.